Best Fishing Kayak Under $2000 – Most Rated

1. Hobie 2019 Mirage Passport 10.5 – Pedal Fishing Kayak

The Hobie 2019 Mirage is one of the newest powerful fishing kayaks on the market. According to reviews from users on Amazon, this yak offers great value for its price. It is equipped with lots of features essentially made to enhance the fishing and paddling experience of anglers. With its pedal system and steering rudder, you will have absolute and reliable maneuverability. The pedals are pretty easy to use and with it, you can gain a lot of speed with minimal effort. The rudder is very much responsive to even the slightest movements. Because of the little effort required for handling of this yak, even your child can take it for a spin.

Maintaining the Hobie 2019 Mirage Passport is easy. The yak comes with a removable seat and pedals. They are easy to detach and also very easy to setup. In fact, you can have them configured within minutes. In addition, this vessel features a storage hatch with a twist-n-seal style usage. You can safely store your delicate items such as phone or other electronics without any risk of getting them wet. This is because the seal is strong and doesn’t allow water in. Apart from this, it is easy to access because it is right in front of your seat.

Other interesting features that come with the Mirage Passport include carrying handles at the bow, a vertical accessory tube for optional accessories, two mount rod holders and accessory mounting tracks close to the footwell. This vessel has everything you need to have a better fishing and cruising experience. It is built to make your adventures easier and fun. Its functional peddling and steering systems, generous and safe storage, and lightweight hull make it pretty fast, stable, and highly efficient.

2. Old Town Topwater 106 PDL Angler Fishing Kayak

The Old Town Topwater 106 PDL model is one of the best fishing kayaks you will find under $2000 on the market. The yak is known for speed and stability. It allows you to easily cover lots of water without tiring out your legs. The yak has a seat made to be incredibly comfortable. You can adjust it to suit your preference or liking. By doing this, you can battle with the fish for hours without feeling any kneel or backpains, as you may have experienced in some other kayaks.

The stability of the hull allows you to sit up high, which makes it easier for you to spot some fish and cast to them. You will find a tackle storage under the seat, and you will also find two flush mount rod holders behind the seat. The ultra-stable double hull design offers ultimate stability and precision handling in a portable, easy-to-transport design.

Even though the Old Town Topwater 106 is built for ponds, lakes, and more moderate conditions, it can handle most nearshore saltwater conditions very well. The yak provides a comfortable, stable, easy-to-maneuver, hands-free fishing experience. The vessel comes with lots of features made for anglers. Some of these features are: rod and tackle storage, EVA foam deck pads for comfort while standing to cast and a large stern tank well for storing your gear.

With the yak’s universal transducer mounting system, you will find it pretty easy to mount your favorite fish finder. The vessel has a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds. This model is made for beginners, moderate and pro anglers. If you are looking for a sophisticated fishing kayak that features hands-free operation, then you should definitely consider this model.

3. Perception Pescador Pilot 12 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

The superior stability of the Perception Pescador 12 instills confidence in all levels of anglers: beginners, intermediate and advanced. The yak is one of the safest on the market, and it is designed to keep you drier and comfortable. This model is fast, sleek, smooth, and highly efficient. The hull is built to make tracking pretty efficient. It tracks straight to stay on course and requires less effort to cover lots of water. The large open deck allows you to enter and exit the yak easily. It comes with built-in buoyancy and stability that enables you to relax and have fun.

You can spend a full day on the Perception Pescador Pilot 12 without feeling pain or discomfort. The adjustable lawn chair style mesh seat allows you to configure it to suit your preference. With the help of this seat, you will enjoy ultimate all-day comfort with no pain. You can have the pilot pedal system fully recessed into the hull for zero draft.

Furthermore, this vessel is built for ultimate durability and optimized weight. It is specifically built with the high-density polyethylene material. This rugged construction provides excellent impact and abrasion resistance. This model also comes with lots of storage compartments where you can store enough gear and supplies for longer fishing days. You will find a large open storage at the front and another one at rear of the vessel. You can store things like cooler, gear box and other kinds of stuff in these compartments.

The Perception Pescador Pilot 12 has gear tracks and a console for extras such as fish finder. In addition to this, it has four rod holders and accessory rails. This yak has everything you need to enhance your fishing and paddling experience. It is ideal for solo fishing and it is highly suitable for all levels of anglers.

4. BKC PK13 13′ Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak

The Brooklyn Kayak Company BKC PK13 is one of the best fishing kayaks you will find under $2000 on the market. It is a one-person sit-on-top vessel that features a pedal drive. Anglers who love speed and stability will find this yak quite interesting. The long, slender and stable hull slices through all kinds of water at top speed. This is even more efficient when you use the pedal-driven propeller and a paddle at the same time. The pedal comes with adjustable foot straps. In addition to this, the hand-operated rudder offers excellent directional control with very little effort required.

The BKC PK 13 has a maximum load capacity of 550 lbs. This simply means that you can load it up with enough gear and supplies for an all-day or even a multi-day fishing excursion. This yak is perfect for anglers who like to travel fast; the speed makes it easy for you to cover lots of water within a short time and with minimal effort.

Furthermore, this vessel also features a large cargo area with bungee tie-down straps which is ideal for securing your cooler, duffel, dry bag or tackle box. There are also built-in watertight storage compartments with dry bag. In these compartments, you can store your personal belongings such as phone, key, wallet or even your snacks. In addition to all this, the bow also comes with bungee straps perfect for tucking items such as helmet or raincoat.

The BKC PK 13 has a chair built around a lightweight rugged aluminium frame which comes with an adjustable seat and a supportive backrest. The seat can be configured to suit your posture or preference when you are paddling, pedalling or fishing. Other features include three flush-mounted rod holders which enables you to keep your fishing pole out of your way while you are cruising.